Cornhole Rules - How to Play Cornhole

Cornhole Distance: How Far Apart are Cornhole Boards

Set the cornhole distance 27 feet away from the front ends of the boards opposing each other in a league or tournament. And if you are playing a casual play or friendly game put the cornhole boards twenty-four feet far apart. Boards must be placed on a level surface.

How Far Apart are Cornhole Boards

Team Formation

The games is played by setting up the two teams. After team formation, the teams of solo players will play the game from the same edge. The game between 2 palyers in each team are aligned along with opposte boards. Each teammate will be in front of each other.

How Many Bags for Cornhole are Used?

There are 4 bean bags used in cornhole play. Each team has different color bags (blue, black red mostly) So, the total of 8 bags of two colors are required to play cornhole. Mostly blue, red or black colored bean bags are used.

Steps of the Game Play

  1. Flip of coin decides that which team is going to begin the play.
  2. The toss winner will start the play.
  3. One player of “Team A” throws the one bag and after that one player of “Team B” throws a bag. All the players throw the bag on their turn with rotations.
  4. A cornhole player should throw the bag from behind the front end of opposite board, considering front edge as a foul line.
  5. After completing the first round the winner of first round will starts the next round.
  6. After any round if the situation comes when team “A” and team “B” has similar points on the table, the team which has recent wining of the last round will begin the next round.
  7. Mostly red color bags are given to the team which is going to begin.

Scoring Cornhole Rules

  • Scores are decided after all bags from each team are thrown in a round.
  • One bag equals the 1 point if it has fallen on the board and not touching the ground.
  • The bag has 3 points for the player if it has fallen within the hole.
  • The bag after touching the board falls down to the ground gives no point to the player.
  • If a bag after jumping from the ground goes on the board, the bag is instantly removed without giving any point to the player.
  • Scores of low scoring team are subtracted from the score of high scoring team.
  • Suppose if there are 3 red bags on the board one red bag in the hole and just 2 blue bags on the board. Two blue bags scoring 2 points on the board are subtracted from One red bag in the hole scoring 3 points + 3 red bags on the board resulting as: 6 – 2 = 4 points.
  • There are a total of 21 points for the score to achieve to win the game.
  • A team wins which achieve the 21 points early.
  • The team scoring more than 21 points is returned to the table of 13 points, and still, it doesn’t lose the game but it resumes playing.

Fouls of Cornhole

  • A cornhole player steps forward the front line of the corn-hole board.
  • The bag which falls on the board after missing the ground is said as foul.
  • The player runs out of the turns.
  • A team scores more than 21 scores.


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